3 More Days!

Classes restarted today after the holiday weekend, so we were forced to pause the Mixed Concrete set up to focus on school 🙂 We’ll be back tomorrow to hang up the final pieces and some last minute submissions that were sent in just barely in time.  

Publicity for the show has taken off! The Daily Tar Heel is writing an article about Mixed Concrete for Friday’s paper.  Burgess and I were interviewed today, and actually ran into Kendra, the girl who covered the show last year! (This is her article http://www.dailytarheel.com/index.php/blog/canvas/2012/01/4f21c4ca09016)  

Habitat’s Publicity Committee has been working overtime to put up flyers, deliver invitations, and send our press release to any nearby news organization. (Thank you Caitlin!) 

This evening, Burgess and I were invited to participate in “Service Under Scrutiny,” a discussion panel featuring the most prominent volunteer organizations on campus.  Answering the questions and reflecting on the mission of Habitat for Humanity was an important reminder of why we joined Habitat and the greater cause our hard work is going to.  

I can’t believe the show is so soon! It’s going to be awesome!