Show Details: Location, Hours, Opening Reception

Location: TRU Deli + Wine Bar on the corner of Rosemary and Henderson

When: Friday, Jan. 24 – Sunday, Jan. 26

Hours: 7pm-2am (Friday), 10:30am-2am (Saturday), 10:30am-3pm (Sunday)

Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 24 at 7pm

Mixed Concrete 2014 will begin with the Opening Reception at 7pm on Friday, Jan. 24 at TRU Deli + Wine Bar. This opening night event will include guest speakers Christine Odom, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity North Carolina, and Sherry Horne, a future Habitat homeowner in Chapel Hill. The show is on display until Sunday, Jan. 26 at 3pm. The silent auction component of the show will run from Friday, Jan. 24 at 7pm until Saturday, Jan. 25 at midnight. Non-auction, for sale items like jewelry, pottery, prints, and other works will be on sale from the opening until 3pm on Sunday or when they sell out. And as always, donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate here on our website by clicking on the “Donate Now” tab in the top of the page.


Thank you for your support!

The Mixed Concrete Team