Past Art and Artists

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Past artists who donated work to Mixed Concrete. 

Anna Vaughn

A Raleigh-based expressionist artist with a background in both design and fine art (BFA in Art, East Carolina University and career moves in magazine publishing and bespoke stationery design). Anna Vaughn’s series work freely explores the wildness of land and sea, often with a transportive quality and an expressive, color-driven style.

Bianca Gartner

Boho Beads

Best friends, Whitley Henderson and Harris Parker, began making fashionable and affordable jewelry handcrafted in Raleigh, NC and it turned into more than they could have ever imagined. In 2012, after continuously being asked where their jewelry could be bought, Boho Beads was born. Today their handmade pieces are being sold in a collection of boutiques throughout the U.S. They share a very similar aesthetic and creative spirit and their collection pays homage to their southern heritage. Each piece is made by hand with great attention to detail.

Brenda Bogart

With a long career as an interior designer, Brenda Bogart knew how to translate a client’s dreams. Her signature embrace of pattern, color, and texture, held in balance, enlivened interiors across the globe. But it was as a mother lending support to her daughter’s admission portfolio to Parsons Design School that she acknowledged her dream to practice art. Brenda left an international design career for a studio full of blank canvas and began to assert her vision and imagination, as an artist. She describes hereself as a collage artist, where she is able to assemble different objects and materials to create a multidimensional thought. Bogart’s finished work, often playful, displays her care and courage to put broken pieces back together. Brenda, a native Texan, lives in Dallas with her husband, Bill. The Bogarts have a blended family of six children.

Carey Hudson

Carey Hudson is a professional artist in Greenville SC. She paints in a group called the Painterly Ladies on a weekly basis and they have two shows a year, Art in the Garden in the Spring and a show hosted at The Rock House Antiques in the late Fall. She paints in a co-op studio in downtown Greenville on the banks of the Reedy River in an area called Art Crossing. You can find her at #careyleehudsonart.

Carly Richardson

Carly Richardson is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina. She is majoring Environmental Science and Computer Science and loves spending time outside. She first became interested in art in early high school and, after exploring different mediums, fell in love with digital and film photography. Many of her works explore the intersection between reality and fantasy, nature and the body.

Carolyn Burns

Carolyn Burns is a North Carolinian and longtime resident of Edenton. Always inspired by nature, she enjoys painting scenes from Northeastern NC. She comes from an artistic family and has continued that tradition.

Christine S. Berndt

He has been painting in pastel and watercolor for a number of years.   While a planner for the Town of Chapel Hill, he started in watercolor classes in the 1990’s, and has added pastel painting in his retirement.  He enjoys painting landscapes that he has experienced, as well as historic architecture. He calls it the architecture of place. He is a member of the Pastel Society of North Carolina, and the Fine Arts League of Cary.

Cody Aufricht
His approach might be described as abstract realism – where the viewer’s eye can complete the picture through some level of abstraction.  He likes painterly paintings where you can clearly see brush strokes, abrupt value changes and light. He enjoys painting because you get to use your hands and leave something behind when you are gone.  Cody grew up in Western Canada and resides in Texas. When not painting he runs a marketing consultancy that helps technology companies launch products and services.

Edwin Lewis

Edwin is a freshman at UNC who is currently undecided but considering a major in Studio Art. They have lived in Chapel Hill for their whole life. Edwin has been drawing and painting as long as they can remember, and prefers to work with watercolors and ink. Their favorite subjects are people and paisley, and they often find themself drawing much of their inspiration from art nouveau and from psychedelic art. They mostly draw and paint for fun, but hope to start selling more of their artwork soon.

Elinor Sachs

Elinor is a freshman at Tulane University majoring in Studio Art. She is originally from Dallas, Texas.

Elizabeth Gay

Elizabeth is a sophomore at North Carolina State University studying Business Administration. She is from Rocky Mount, NC. Her love for art began during senior year of high school, where her art teacher, Carolyn Patton, taught her how to paint landscapes. As much as she loves painting eastern North Carolina landscapes, she enjoys painting abstract pieces even more.

Elizabeth Meacham

Elizabeth Meacham is a junior at UNC studying public relations and minoring in dramatic art. Her love for photography was born with an iPhone camera and an appreciation for nature. She has developed her hobby over the years and continues to constantly learn and experiment daily to grow her skills. Her favorite subjects are the beaches she calls home and the colorful blossoms of spring.

Elizabeth Singletary

The colorful bits and pieces of Elizabeth Singletary’s life are imitated in her chosen art form of collage—a mix of down-home charm and sweeping sophistication.

“I have always loved paper so it makes sense to me. I use magazines to create my art. I glue torn pieces of magazine onto canvas. I rip as I go, flipping through the pages looking for the right color. When I am creating, I really cannot see what I have done till it dries. It is always a surprise,” she says.

She was chosen as the featured artist of the North Carolina Azalea Festival in 2013. Her interpretation of azaleas and butterflies became the official festival poster, for which she received a bronze medal in an international competition. The poster was the first-ever to sell out in the festival’s 65-year history. Elizabeth was a 2014 Wilma Magazine’s “Women to Watch” finalist. She was voted “Best Local Artist” in 2015 by Encore Magazine’s Best of Wilmington.

Ellie Bush

Ellie is a sophomore student at University of Richmond, originally from Dallas, TX. Photography is one of her favorite pastimes and the primary way to make the most of her travel experiences. Over the past year, she’s published two coffee table books with photos from Italy and England for the enjoyment of others.

Emily Weinstein

Emily Eve Weinstein, was born in Newburgh, NY in 1955. First ten years lived in East Islip, NY. With her folks moved to Greece and then France. Formal art studies began at Academie Charpentier in Paris, then West Surrey College of Art in England and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA…BFA from VCU. Has lived in the Triangle, NC since 1982.​ She has appeared in several solo shows, and her work experiences include four artist-in-residencies (Oregon, Nevada, New York and North Carolina); teaching portraiture, landscape painting, mixed media, mural painting, faux finishes; originating two businesses, Pet & People Portraiture and Murals-By-Many. Weinstein also lived in a van/studio for three years while painting the unwinding scenery of America. She currently teaches plein air painting at Carrboro Art Center. Emily has published four art gift books and is a member of the Orange County Art Guild.

Hannah Gay

Hannah is a senior EXSS major, with an anthropology minor. She hopes to attend PT school in the fall. Hanmade Jewelry has become her creative outlet and hobby throughout school. She started Hanmade a year and a half ago and has made 300 custom pieces for people in the community and across the country.

Hollis Wood

Hollis Wood is a freshman in high school at the Episcopal School of Dallas. She takes many art classes through school, but painted this piece in her free time. This is the first of her pieces to be shown at a public event, and she intends to use more of her future art for a greater purpose.

Karli Owens

Karli Owens is a nineteen-year old photographer living in Boone, North Carolina. She uses film photography to be more attentive when exploring her sense of place, shown in most of her work. Owens is currently studying commercial photography and cultural anthropology at Appalachian State University. Her work has been shown locally, and can be found online only on her instagram account (@qurli). Described as an artist with “a strong sense of fashion/portraiture with tight compositions that have an obvious focus on the subject matter, “ noting “a very modernistic and analytical style with attention to color palettes within your portraiture in conjunction with architecture and nature; a lifestyle photographer of the millennial age.”

Katy Rice

Katy Rice is a freshman here at UNC from Winston Salem, NC. She is hoping to study something along the lines of advertising or graphic design. Katy’s art career began when her mom signed her up for a drawing class in 7th grade. “I absolutely hated it but I guess the teacher noticed I wasn’t awful at it and offered my a spot into a painting class with 3 other girls my age that met once a week. I decided to go and ever since then I haven’t stopped doing art.” Today, Katy loves to paint landscapes, working in a lot of color. She also loves working with kids and hopes to become involved in programs where she could teach or do art with kids.

Kristen Lospinoso

Kristen recently graduated from UNC with a major in psychology and minors in chemistry and neuroscience. She currently works as a medical assistant and hopes to go to medical school after taking a gap year to work and gain experience. Kristen is from New Jersey originally, but has lived in Cary, NC for most of her life. Besides painting, her hobbies include hiking, running, and cooking. “I’ve been practicing with many mediums and techniques since high school, and I love to paint landscapes, animals, and even Disney characters and other fan art!”  

Leela Wissmann

Leela is a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a Studio Art Minor. She began drawing and painting as a child after being inspired by a class project on Van Goh. She is still a big fan of Van Goh and loves the impressionist style. She still paints and draws for fun, giving most of her artwork to family and friends, and recently declared her studio art minor at UNC.

Lizzie Houd

Lizzie grew up a Southern country girl, but by early adulthood she heard the siren song of California and moved to Los Angeles. As the daughter of an artist and photographer, she has always been a meticulous creator. After studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, Lizzie felt the grind of daily work life and decided to carve her own path. Thus, Native Rainbow was born:  Featuring a collection of rich leathers, feathers, crystals and turquoise inspired by the deserts of California to the mountains of Tennessee, Native Rainbow evokes images of Bohemian gypsies, Native American warriors, Egyptian gods and Psychedelic daydreams. Each quality piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade with many hours of love. As a part of Native Rainbow’s ethical practices, all leathers and feathers are from animals that were sources of food and led full lives in the wild. Lizzie believes that this world should be free from animal cruelty, and because of this, Lizzie’s ultimate goal is to create a Native Rainbow Animal Sanctuary as a non-profit organization, offering a haven for unwanted, neglected or abused animals. Native Rainbow donates a percentage of yearly sales to an animal charity of Lizzie’s choice.

Maddie Creatore

Maddie, a Chapel Hill native, is a first year at UNC-Chapel Hill. She became interested in photography after receiving a camera as a present in middle school. Maddie enjoys shooting landscapes on campus, and this particular piece was shot at the Coker Arboretum last spring.

Martha Bennett

Martha Bennett is a current sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill and studies public relations and political science. Having a strong relationship with the arts since she was young, Bennett has always been inspired to create. Beginning as a dancer, her passions later drew her to acrylic painting when she was 14 years old. Inspired much by the impressionist movement, her artwork focuses much on the beauty found in nature and landscapes–especially those found in Chapel Hill. Hoping to one day work as a publicist to promote the arts in her future career, Bennett still wishes to maintain her hobby of painting as it brings herself and others joy.

Mary Frank

Mary Ellen Frank is a nineteen year old American-born artist. She began making art as a child, but began seriously painting as a high school sophomore. Born in Greensboro, she has lived in North Carolina her entire life and currently attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Studio Art/Anthropology double major. Topics that inspire her art include religion, solitude in nature, and personal experiences with relationships and trips.

Melanie Pouch

Melanie Pouch is a professional artist in Greenville SC. She paints in a group called the Painterly Ladies on a weekly basis and they have two shows a year, Art in the Garden in the Spring and a show hosted at The Rock House Antiques in the late Fall. She paints in a co-op studio in downtown Greenville on the banks of the Reedy River in an area called Art Crossing. You can find her at #melaniepouchart.

Natalie Boorman

Natalie Boorman has been enjoying the medium of clay for nearly 30 years. She has always been a hand builder, and almost all of her vessels are constructed using the “pinch pot” method and finished by either raku or pit firing. She finds this way of working with clay relaxing and meditative.  

Ripley Whiteside

Ripley Whiteside (b. 1982) grew up in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC. He graduated with a BFA from UNC-CH in 2008, and in 2012 earned a MFA from SUNY-Buffalo, where he also taught foundations art courses. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in the US and Canada, and has been the recipient of various grants and residencies. His work is represented by Pierre-Francois Ouellette art contemporain in Montreal and Toronto, and he lives and works in New York City.  

Ryan Robinson

When Ryan got to college, she began to take her art more seriously. ​ Through the help of dear friends and family, she was able to build a small business and has been in awe at the amount of feedback and support she has received. Her work stems from her curiosity and long-felt fascination with the universe and God. With each piece, she sees a different picture that always lies on the basis of life on planet Earth, whether that’s in nature and/or God’s creation. She desires for people to see what she sees through the lens of art and aims for her work to challenge people to think bigger.

Sara Farrington

Sara Farrington is an artist and educator from the Carolinas. She completed her BFA in studio art and MAT in art education from Coastal Carolina University. She taught art grades k-12 for 6 years in South Carolina. She finished her MFA at UNC Chapel Hill and graduated in May 2018. Her thesis work explores domestic ideals.

Ren Renfro

Ren graduated in May 2018  with a degree in Public Health for Environmental Health Sciences and a minor in Computer Science. She has devoted much of her time at UNC to Habitat for Humanity, serving as the President this past year and co-founding Carolina Blueprint, the other major fundraiser for UNC H4H.

Sara Rose

Sarah is a Senior at UNC studying psychology and studio art. She enjoys working with bold colors, geometric shapes, and a wide range of mediums. She hopes to one day incorporate her love for art, children, and helping others. She displays a lot of my work on her Instagram page @seroseart.

Sara Wade

Shea Rush

Shea is a junior from Fairway, Kansas. He is very busy as a member of the UNC Varsity basketball team, but during his free time he uses his creative abilities to make art of all types. He is skilled in photography, drone footage, and even hat making. He considers the two prints donated to be his personal favorite photos he has ever taken.

Shep Byles

Shepherd is a senior artist who studies sustainability and philosophy here at UNC. He uses heavy water-color washes to create his pieces. Shepherd creates art to make sense of the absurd and venerate nature.

Steve Cook

Steve Cook is an earthenware artist, living in the Ghent area of Norfolk, VA. Steve is locally trained and locally creates hand built pottery in the Tidewater Area. All of Cook’s pieces are handmade at the Hermitage in Norfolk, VA. His artistic pottery is heavily influenced by his fond memories of childhood experiences growing up in a rural area of the Northern Neck in Virginia. He was raised on a family farm, surrounded by nature which he and his family depended on for survival. Cook living the family farm life installed a great respect for nature, all wildlife, and their environment. Working with clay brings back some of Cook’s fondest childhood memories. Creating pottery pieces with the central theme of wildlife and nature expresses the ultimate freedom and understanding of mankind.

Steven Ray Miller

Steven Ray Miller graduated from Duke in 1973, and has specialized in gouache (opaque water color) paintings for the last 44 years. Unlike traditional watercolorists, Miller paints on dry rag paper, using two coats of paint for clearly defined details and saturated colors. He paints hidden hearts in his paintings “to bring the viewer in for a closer look. Hearts help us to share the feelings of love and hope that connect us all.” Steven has been chosen “Durham’s Best Artist” by readers of Durham Magazine 3 years in a row. He is the current recipient of the Micro-Enterprise Business of the Year award from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce. He also operates a custom frame shop from his backyard gallery in Durham.

Sunny Goode

Sunny is a Richmond Va contemporary artist who graduated in 1990 with a BA in Art History from Hollins University. In her own words, “Color is how I communicate. Even in my earliest memories, color was the primary voice – it is no wonder I became an artist and love to paint. Painting brings me joy and also helps me through more difficult times in my life. I often think of it as my mental yoga. I want my paintings to reflect an emotion and to create a feeling that gets deeper each time you look at them.” Sunny also studied the physiological and psychological effects of color through the IACC-NA in California.  Her interest in color led her to pursue representing elements of nature from her personal perspective. Her work has been featured in publications such as Southern Living, Traditional Home, Coastal Living and The Washington Post.  Sunny is the mother of three children and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia

Sydney DiDonato

Sydney is a senior at UNC studying biology, with a minor in studio art, and planning to go to PA school after graduating. “I fell in love with painting in high school; it’s always been very therapeutic for me,” says Sydney. Since coming to college she has been able to take a few classes in order to develop new techniques and try new mediums. “It’s a constant learning process, figuring out what techniques I like and what style of painting I want to create in.”

Taylor Hughes

Taylor is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity and is actively involved in Army ROTC. Upon graduation, Taylor will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and will hopefully continue with her education in dental school. In any free time she can find, she loves to give swim lessons, run, travel, and tackle DIY projects, especially making jewelry. Taylor first started vanillabeadsco in an effort to make high end, boutique, quality jewelry available to a wider range of people everywhere. Check her out on etsy!

Warner Tidwell

Warner is a recent graduate from UNC (class of 2017). She has returned home to Nashville, TN, to explore her love of art and work with her father in their family business.

Watson Brown

Watson has received much publicity for his unique photographic skills. He has been featured in “Garden and Gun”, “The Tarheel Traveler” and in a series of videos produced by UNC-TV  and MyHome NC that have been shown on Facebook, Instagram and most recently on their art show, “The Muse”, and “NC Weekend.” For the past several years, he has produced a calendar of his photographs which has sold all across the country. His goal is to produce a book of his photography which is much requested by his followers and fans. His goal is to leave a legacy of photographs so future generations may know how we lived in the early 21st century.

Waverly Leonard

Waverly Leonard is a twenty year old photographer from Wilmington, NC. She attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is double majoring in Biology and Music with a concentration in violin performance. She draws inspiration from the intersections between art and science, from folk traditions like bluegrass and Celtic music, from her friends’ beauty, and from solitude in nature.

Yun-Dong Nam

Yun-Dong Nam is a Professor at UNC in the field of ceramics sculpture. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University and received his M.F.A. at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In 2000, Nam received the University of North Carolina’s Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. In addition to his acclaimed teaching career, Yun-Dong is an active and widely recognized ceramic sculptor, having exhibited his work in over sixty group exhibitions and ten solo exhibitions, including one-person shows at the Lee Hansley Gallery in Raleigh, NC, the Commons Gallery in Oahu, HI, and the Guido/Shaw Gallery in Pontiac, MI, and the “Descriptive Process: Flower Vase Project” at the Sykes Gallery in Millersville, PA. In addition to extensive showings in the U.S., Yun-Dong frequently displays his work overseas, including a solo exhibition held at the Tho-Art Space Gallery in Seoul, Korea. His work is held in museum collections including the Pasadena Museum and Pacific Asian Museum in California, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu in Japan, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, as well as corporate collections including the Kaoti Company of Raleigh, NC and Han-Kook Bone China Company in Seoul, Korea. Several publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Ceramic Art Monthly, and Art & Antique Magazine, have highlighted his extensive body of work. Among many other professional accolades, Yun-Dong’s work received first prize from the Korean Arts Foundation of America in 1992.